King's Kratom: How & Why I Personally Take Kratom

How Kratom Changed My Life

The ABC's of Why I Personally Consume Kratom

Kratom unquestionably makes me feel like a king & realize the incredibly good and amazing potential I have as a human. It helps me meet my human potential as the smartest animal on the planet. Kratom is unquestionable the greatest of all plants for helping me master my biological makeup & live my life contributing to society & making the world the better place it can be. 

King's Kratom is sold for collector's memorabilia; it is not sold for human consumption simply due to FDA restrictions prohibiting the sale of Kratom for human consumption. We exceed all food & supplement standards, but the FDA law prohibits us from selling it for human consumption. That being said, as the owner of King's Kratom & a Kratom lover, I LOVE to tell people about the plant & how I consume it. 

I spent years of my life consuming major opioids & several times ended up all but dead & in the ER. Several of my best friends are dead & it is a tragedy taking more American lives accidentally than we could pile in a Walmart parking-lot, they're fathers mothers, brothers sisters, sons, daughters & I was statistically the next in line to be found dead. It is graphic but it is equally as tragic & based on my experience it is a tragedy that can be prevented.

From the time I was 12 years old & put on the front page of newspapers for starting & successfully running my own business, I have been obsessed with human biology & things that can improve human performance. So that I do not write a book here, just watch the video & get to know more about the human animal, the kindest but most determined incredibly intelligent (i.e. able to achieve any result) animal that YOU are as a HUMAN and the enhancements I experience as a human animal consuming Kratom.


Kratom is my favorite plant for enhancing my nature & meeting my full potential as a human, an example for our human pack, determined to make every human have a level of success that turns a life on earth to a fair-tale-like experience. A human being is the King of the animal kingdom. What makes a human superior to all other animals is its brain & its protective nature. When you are feeding that nature with the things it is designed for, the path of success that opens up for you is astonishing. 

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